990 SR – 30 ml

This program is designed unique vaccines configuration resolve knot skin aging specifically to influence all layers of the skin of the rear effectively more like a multi-purpose battle: rebuilding, activates, restores the structure, struggled wrinkles, restores flexibility, anti-oxidant and moisturizing deeply .hdah this serum is youth and beauty for your skin for a long time
Thanks to the active carb:
– Black caviar (beluga, osetra and Svroga) is rich in protein and collagen, minerals and vitamins, and thus prevents the aging process effectively, restores damaged, and stimulates the production of collagen
– Collagen of caviar preserves the moisture level in the skin and makes it flexible and return them to the stage of youth
– Golden peptides (amino acids with foam gold) activates the synthesis of collagen, stimulates cell metabolism and restore the skin.
– Albptidowsan – (Serum 3%) stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin and protects it from degradation by enzymes and re-structure
Proven effectiveness by 12%. To pave the surface of the skin
– Poly peptide (Serum 4%) smoothes the skin and fights wrinkles
Proven effectiveness by 52%. To reduce the depth of wrinkles
– Vitamins group of caviar supports the skin barrier and compensate adverse external influences, and speed up the restoration of young skin.

How to use it:

Apply the serum on clean skin evenly on the face and the movement of circular massage until fully absorbed and you can put caviar cream night or daytime above it is advisable to use it in the morning or evening together, according to the size of Oklahoma damage your skin.

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